Why choosing PILEG fencing pays off

Durable anti-corrosive protection – galvanized layer and paint layer


We currently use the most popular efficient anti-corrosive protection technology for protecting steel, referred to as duplex. It is based on applying a galvanized layer on the steel surface and coating this layer with powder coating. This process definitely extends the anti-corrosive durability for galvanized surfaces and strengthens the resistance against mechanical damage caused to the layer.

On the contrary, the powder coating method is based on applying charged particles of powder coating to the conductive metal surface. This method enables the thorough penetration of the powder coating and establishes a resistant and durable layer.

Mutual complementing of two types of coatings: the galvanized coating prevents corrosion under the layer if the coating layer is damaged and the powder coating protects the galvanized material against the impact of atmospheric or chemical factors and also adds aesthetic value.

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